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Plan your Winter Ecological Surveys

December 2017

It’s now time to plan your winter ecological surveys for the coming year.

  • Preliminary bat roost assessments of buildings can be undertaken at any time of year for evidence of bats (such as droppings).
  • Preliminary ground level bat roost assessments of trees should ideally be undertaken during the winter months when leaves have fallen and foliage doesn’t obscure parts of trees.
  • Preliminary ecological appraisals for bats of land can be timed during the winter, walking over proposed development sites and recording and assessing any habitats suitable for bats to roost (structures and trees), and to commute and forage.
  • Badger surveys can be undertaken during the winter searching for field signs such as badger setts which can be more visible when vegetation which may obscure setts during the summer months has died back.
  • Extended Phase 1 habitat surveys can be carried out during the winter months to inform Preliminary Ecological Appraisals.

The aim of such ecological surveys and assessments is to determine the suitability of a proposed development site for protected species and habitats, and to inform whether further more detailed surveys will be needed during the appropriate survey season.

For more information please refer to our Ecological Survey Calendar for guidance, or contact us on 01823 618 451 or email to find out how we can help.