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Ecological Impact Assessment

jh ecology has extensive experience of conducting Ecological Impact Assessments and we work on a variety of projects throughout England, primarily in the South-west including: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire; but also the South-east including: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, London, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex; and the Midlands including: Birmingham, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is “a process of identifying, quantifying and evaluating potential effects of development-related or other proposed actions on habitats, species and ecosystems”. An EcIA can be carried out as a stand-alone assessment and report, or can form the Ecology and Nature Conservation Chapter of a wider Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Ecological impact assessment at Halsway Manor

Ecological impact assessment at Halsway Manor

The Ecological Impact Assessment process involves consultation, collation of desk study data, Extended Phase 1 habitat survey and surveys for protected species or those considered to be of particular nature conservation importance.

jh ecology has provided input into a diverse range of projects including new residential developments, mineral extraction, pipelines, quarries, water transfer and leisure. We are able to provide our clients with the following services:

  • Consultation with statutory nature conservation organisations (SNCOs) and local planning authorities.
  • Undertake the full range of ecological surveys to provide ecological baseline data.
  • Design of ecological mitigation, compensation and enhancement measures.
  • Deliver objective and technically robust reports based on industry best practice guidance provided by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s (CIEEM) ‘Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK and Ireland’.
  • Input into Masterplans and site layout.

Related Services

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

For some smaller schemes, where a more formal Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is not required, a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) may suffice and may be submitted with planning applications as a stand-alone document.

The Preliminary Ecological Appraisal may also be prepared in the early stages of a project before undertaking a full Ecological Impact Assessment as a tool to agree with the planning authority the appropriate scope of any subsequent impact assessment that may be required.

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